Nostalgic Return to Shelves: Halls Soft Drink finds home in Willunga

Published on 27 October 2023


Get ready to raise your glass in celebration because iconic Aussie beverage brand ‘Halls’ is making a triumphant return to the shelves after an absence of 23 long years.

Former MOJO Kombucha production facility in Willunga has been transformed to house the reawakening of this beloved brand, and the outpouring of community support has been astounding.

For fans of Halls soft drink, the return is nothing short of a dream come true. The last time these delightful beverages graced our shelves was in 2000 when the brand was discontinued. Now, thanks to the dedication of the South Australian Bottling Company and backing from the Malinauskas government through the Thriving Regions Fund, these classic soft drinks are poised to make a triumphant comeback.

This exciting development comes after Coca Cola, the previous owner of MOJO Kombucha, decided to leave the kombucha market in 2022, leaving a golden opportunity for Halls to step back into the beverage game.

Already, five former staff members have been re-employed to guide the company through its resurrection, ensuring that the heritage and quality of Halls beverages are maintained.

Halls, with its roots dating back to 1849, holds a special place in the hearts of South Australians. Founded by George Hall, the company has a history spanning over a century. It was bought by Coca Cola in 1972, and after almost 30 years of success, it was discontinued in 2000. The return of Halls is not just the revival of a beverage; it's a resurgence of history and tradition.

In keeping with the nostalgia of the relaunch, Halls is offering its new range in classic glass bottles, available in both 330ml and 1-litre varieties. These timeless bottles are a symbol of the brand's commitment to its heritage and quality.

Get ready to rekindle memories and savour the flavours of the past as we welcome Halls to the City of Onkaparinga.

The City of Onkaparinga is a hub of beverage production businesses that have been quenching our thirst for quality, flavour, and innovation. From classic soft drinks to artisanal craft brews, this region is brimming with a vibrant and diverse beverage industry.

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