Meet the Suburbs: The Hub Tandoor in Aberfoyle Park

Published on 10 July 2023

One of the lamb dishes available from the Hub Tandoor, Aberfoyle Park.

It’s official. When it comes to restaurants, The Hub Tandoor is an Aberfoyle Park fave. It’s easy to see why. Between the lovely owners (the Roka family) and their friendly staff and the delicious flavours of traditional Nepalese cuisine, locals love it, and non-locals are willing to travel to taste such delicious dishes!

And by delicious dishes, we mean a menu packed with fresh produce, quality seafood and meats marinated and cooked in a charcoal clay oven - to achieve that delicious barbecue taste. Delightful curries, steamed dumplings, deep fried pastries and sautéed leafy greens are also on offer, with some dishes boasting a special blend of spices and ingredients too.

Three words – exotic, authentic and flavoursome.

The next time you’re after delicious food, make sure The Hub Tandoor is on your list.

Check out this local star’s business here: