Meet the Suburbs: Cedarwood and Ash in Aberfoyle Park

Published on 10 July 2023

Handmade dog accessories by Cedarwood and Ash

Dog lovers unite! There are now unique, functional and durable products to make dog parents lives easier and keep dogs comfier, thanks to Aberfoyle Park business Cedarwood and Ash.

Powered by self-confessed dog lover Cath Peek and inspired by a couple of her loves – son Ash and dog, Cedar – Cedarwood and Ash pedals portable dog mats, matching collars, cute leads and handy treat bags, all handmade using bold, colourful prints.

“My focus is using fabrics in gorgeous designs and my style inspiration ranges from bold colours and exotic boho patterns, to romantic and pretty prints, to fun and quirky designs. The signature Cedarwood and Ash dog mats are super stylish and great as they’re able to be folded up into a functional bag and carried with ease - perfect for training school, cafe visits, and they also make great car seat covers after impromptu rolls in muddy puddles,” Cath tells us.

Having worked with dogs as a training assistant, volunteer, and foster puppy carer, Cath created Cedarwood and Ash about 5 years ago after an unsuccessful search for a portable ‘safe mat’ for Cedar who suffered from anxiety.

“I was advised by dog behaviouralists to teach her to settle on a mat we should take everywhere with us so she would also have her “safe space” to feel calm no matter where we were. After unsuccessfully searching for a portable, and stylish, ‘safe mat’ for Cedar I decided to make my own. The result being a lightly padded mat, made from gorgeous but durable and water-resistant fabric, that could be folded up into a bag with adjustable handles, so I could wear it across my body - keeping my hands free for all important ball throwing, with a pocket at the front to keep all her essentials. These were a hit with family, friends and even strangers asking for their own beautiful, comfortable and durable rugs and mats…. And so began Cedarwood and Ash,” Cath says.

And while Cath loves nothing more than sewing (“It’s my happy place,” she says) and making her products, her favourite thing about Cedarwood and Ash are her customers.

“Some have pups that are just starting puppy school, some have anxious dogs that need a safe mat to feel calm when they’re out, some have older dogs that need some cushioning from hard floors and some just love to take every opportunity to be out and about with their pup. I love meeting them and their gorgeous pups at the local market, and receiving photos from customers of their furbabies wearing or using something I’ve created,” she concludes.

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